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One night in Fussen checking out castles, waterfalls, and the beautiful little quaint town.... was a nice break from the drinking mayhem that was Oktoberfest!

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Munich, Oktoberfest

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4 Nights in Munich.... several Steins of beer later.... amazing experience to say the least! We drank mostly at the Haufbrau tent which I was told holds over 10 thousand drunkards! Was like nothing I've ever experienced. Was nice to be in the motherland full of lederhosen and dirndls.... think of it like the stampede times 10. And a good half dozen large beer gardens... and several smaller ones.

Was nice to have some authentic German food and delicious German beer! I didn't want to leave... but we had to move on.. and my liver thanked me for that!

On to southern Germany and to Fussen to check out the castle Walt Disney modelled his famous castle after!

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Prague (Praha)

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Last night in Prague, decided to only have a couple beers tonight because we have a long Drive to Munich tomorrow for Oktoberfest... and because We have been drinking hard since the 14th and my liver hurts real bad!!

Prague is definitely a beautiful city, its unreal the things we saw ... and because of the company I'm with "Cant un-see"

Had all sorts of amazing local cuisine, saw old and new town, and probably walked around a good 20 hours since we got here monday afternoon! The best was the pub crawl every night from our hostel, checking out 4-5 unique local pubs around town. My favorite was the 5 level night club... they had a room that was -7 deg called the ice room, they make you wear gloves and a winter jacket ... we took them off right away and got some weird looks ... was so awesome!!

Our Hostel 'Mosaic House' was great ... its a fusion type hostel, pretty upscale with private and shared dorms. We met up with the fifth member of our trip on monday and meet up with the sixth member of our six-pack in Munich Tomorrow.

I am looking forward to our first night in Munich friday night as i will have a chance to sight see, have some REAL beer and maybe some hard alcohol. I'd say I've consumed a good 100+ beer since we got in europe on the 14 and it hurts so good! Oktoberfest doesnt officially kick off until the saturday at noon when the mayor fires the cannon so the first night (friday) will be touring the area where it will be held so we know how to get around and such after 10 or so steins!

We will be dressing up in matching Lederhosen for a night or 2 ... Arek who is from Poland and organizing the trip has been a couple times so hes our tour-guide. The experience and pictures to follow will be amazing!!!

Stay tuned!

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Wine, beer, vodka, polish food... all for dirt cheap! My favorite was the pig fat on bread :) ... off to a good start last night here then off to Prague for 5 days ... too bad there is a ban on absinthe... maybe thats a good thing tho... my liver is already taking a beating lol ... watching a popular motocross event at a pub downtown... having a great time so far... will update more once I find more free Wi-Fi

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Arrived in Berlin, Arek is here to pick me up and take me to His home town in Poland (Zielona Gora), we will be catching the last few days of a Wine Festival (Winobranie) there.... good start to the trip!!

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