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Decided to check out this tiny country bordering Germany, Belgium and France... got lost and frustrated trying to find a hotel at 9pm at night with everything booked!!!

Finally found one just outside the city however. after that escapade we decided to book Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam before we left to avoid the same headaches!

What a beautiful city however, I'm glad we stopped, checked out cool underground bunkers (casemates) and just some beautiful scenery in general!

We got lost on foot for a good hour trying to get back 'up' from the lower valley we hiked to ... we actually hiked out of luxembourg city LOL ... that shows how small it truely is!

Got a bad ear ache one night and couldnt sleep, ended up being somewhat sick the rest of the trip! but jsut cured that with tylenol and booze!!

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Last stop of my trip before driving right across germany towards poland and my flight home. 3 Nights in Amsterdam!

I took care of booking the accomodations for this one, making sure it was close (but not too close) to all the touristy stuff.

We ended up with a nice 1300 sqft apartment with 3 bedrooms, everyone got their own bed which was nice, and unheard of in our last hotels.

I love amsterdam, i want to move there, everyone is so easy going and the culture is like nothing else!!

Our first night we took it easy, my self and another guy cooked a meal for the group and we took a short walk around town before heading it in for a relatively early night.

Second day we took a really cool bike tour from the metro station, saw a lot of the city and some of its cool facts. Met a nice couple of females from Switzerland who we ended up hanging out with the next couple nights!

From the advice of the bike tour guide we visited ArendsNest which was a more local pub with 30 different dutch beer on draft.... some really unique different beers thats for sure, almost rivaled Belguim as far as quality and uniqueness.

The next day we planned on touring some museums and breery/vodka tours but because of dragging feet to get ready, we didnt end up out of there till 3pm, so we caught the Heineken brewery tour first, and tasted some 2 day old heineken... was actually not bad, and I'm usually not a fan.

We then went on a cruise of the canals at night followed by some food and drinks around town ...

Off to poland early in the morning and a 9 hour drive ... uuuugh!!

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Brussels, Belgium

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Was waiting for this stop ... only had one night here so we had to make it count!

Our 2 level apartment provided some well needed space after some cramped accomodations in Paris. First thing We did was wander over to a Beer tasting store to pick up some tasty trappist beer. We grabbed 3 large bottles and sat down like a family to do our own beer tasting! it was Delicious!!! we then went out for dinner, in this one alley we were accosted by several restaraunt employees practically begging us to come inside... the funny thing was that all of the menus and pictures seeemed to be identical ... we caved on one place, the beer was good, food was just ok, when the bill came we noticed they charged us $8-$10 for side orders we didnt order ... needless to say we got scammed and the owner wasnt too pleased when we left no tip ... lesson learned!

A few of the guys went out for a cruise of the city with a local Canine unit one of the guys knew... was pretty cool i hear .... we headed out to a local pub we told was good ... 3-4 beer later the night starts to become a blur, we kept forgetting that most of these belgiun beers we were drinking were not the standard 5% we see in canada, some were up to 12%!!! was a good night, even ran into the owner of the restaraunt and had a good laugh with him!

Next day was waffles for breakfast, and chocolate shopping for friends and family :)

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After Paris, on our way to Brussels, Belgium, we decided to pay respect to the 11,285 fallen canadian soldiers who fought on French land in the first world war. Was a very sobering experience after all the drinking and debauchery that went on the past couple of weeks.


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This city is unreal... in 2 days we checked out the Eiffel tower, the louvre, the arc de triumph and notre dame.

To top it off we found a pub called the great Canadian pub... had some poutine, far too many ceasers and many other Canadian delicacies!!! Felt like home!

We wandered town drinking from pub to pub and taking the complicated underground metro system...

I want to come back at some point for sure!!

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